the shipping of your engine or vehicle

We take great care to ensure that your vehicle or engine arrives safely and reliably in our workshop!

If you hire us as an engine repairman to overhaul your engine, it is likely that your car will not roll an inch.

That’s why transport we organize the transport and shipping of your engine!

Our truck can easily transport and tow vehicles up to 7. 5 tons! So if your vehicle is standing in the Netherlands or Germany we will come personally to pick up your car.


After we have received the signed contract back from you, we will collect your vehicle or engine anywhere in the world!
If the vehicle or engine is in the Netherlands or Germany, we will come personally to a previously agreed pick-up date with our truck to tow the vehicle or engine. When we come to pick up the vehicle, either you yourself or a person authorized by you or a workshop must be present to sign the shipping documents. Your vehicle will then be brought to our shop for engine repairs and is of course fully insured during the transport.

The following must be available when you pick up:
-Repair order
-Key and immobilizer

Need a vehicle registration document or something similar, like some of our colleagues we don’t, after all, we just want to do an engine repair for you!

But international collection all over the world is also not a problem! Then the engine must already be removed, as it is very difficult to ship entire vehicles. So when the engine is packed on a pallet, we organize the transport to us in the workshop and the transport company we trust comes to you and picks up the engine and also delivers it after the engine has been repaired. So all you have to do is pack the engine and unpack it again afterwards!
The shipping costs are calculated depending on where in the world the engine is to be picked up. If you would like to know your individual shipping costs, please ask us! Since we have been working with transport companies for years, we can offer you transport at the best prices!

your vehicle does not necessarily have to come to us:

Even if you come from the Netherlands or Germany, your vehicle does not necessarily have to come to us for engine repairs.
You can also have the engine removed by yourself or at your trusted car dealer and deliver it to us. We can organize the transport by a transport company and if you take care of the tremoval and installation yourself, of course, 100 € will be deducted from the offer price.

self delivery:

You can also, depending on what suits you, deliver your vehicle or engine to us yourself and then travel home by train or otherwise. Of course, we are also available for you on weekends and evenings in our engine repairs workshop!