the repair of the engine block

What is an engine block anyway?

An engine block is part of an internal combustion engine. In addition to the cylinders, it also combines the crankshaft bearings and, in the case of water-cooled engines, the water jacket. In the technical term, however, the composite of the mentioned components is also called crankcase. The engine block usually has the option of attaching the auxiliary units necessary for the operation of the engine.

Due to its complex production, the engine block is one of the most complex and expensive parts of a vehicle, along with the cylinder head.

Our work on repairing your engine block:

  • drilling and honing of aluminium, cast or steel cylinders

  • grinding the block

  • insertion of cylinder bushes

  • drilling and mocking of cylinders with a wide variety of methods according to the manufacturer’s specifications

  • processing of the main bearing bore

  • crack inspection, with the hot water overpressure method, of engine housing

  • processing of cylinders

  • welding, if neccesary