the repair of the connecting rods

What are connecting rods anyway?

A connecting rod is the connection between the crankshaft and the piston moving back and forth in a crank drive of power and work machines. The connecting rods converted the linear motion of the piston into the circular motion of the crankshaft (or vice versa).

Connecting rods must be designed for endurance due to the high stress in their geometry and fit to the hundredth of a part in engine repair!

Our work for the repair of your connecting rods:

  • conrod bushings are measured

  • base hole is measured

  • angularity of the base hole to the piston pin axis is checked

  • screw connection of the base hole is checked

  • screws may need to be replaced

  • renewing bearing shells

  • renewing the “small end” of the connecting rod

  • check weight