We rebuild your engine to make it run better than at 0 miles!

During our engine repair the following work is carried out:

  • overhaul the engine block
  • engine pick-up worldwide
  • engine disassembly
  • determining the cause of damage
  • clean all engine parts thoroughly
  • clean cylinder heads by glass bead blasting
  • overhaul cylinder heads
  • renew valve guides
  • control camshaft and hydraulic lifters
  • re-mill valve seats and valves
  • hand-grind valves
  • check cylinder heads for leaks and mill them
  • insert new stud bolts at the exhaust duct
  • exhaust manifolds plan milling
  • measure density of cylinder head and valves
  • boring the cylinders to oversize
  • honing cylinders
  • insert new pistons with rings
  • insert new connecting bushes incl. drilling
  • measuring, polishing and balancing crankshaft
  • new main and connecting rod bearings
  • new main and connecting bolts
  • check the oil pump, renew it if necessary
  • engine assembly incl. new seals, shaft seals, simmer rings, plastic plugs and oil filters
  • Check all ancillary aggregates e. g. : high pressure pump, diesel pump, injection nozzles, thermostat, water pump, servo pump, climate compressor, alternator etc.
  • refilling the engine with oils, fuels, coolants and lubricants
  • pack the engine safely on a pallet and send it back