the repair of the crankshaft

What is a crankshaft anyway?

In piston machines, a crankshaft converts the oscillating linear motion of one or more pistons into a rotary motion by means of connecting rods (or vice versa). The crankshaft is stored in the engine block. The structure of the crankshaft consists of the sequence “ throw – lifting pin – throw ”. In addition, the crankshaft has the task of absorbing the piston forces that are transmitted via the connecting rods, converting them into torque and passing this on to the gearbox via the clutch. Without the crankshaft, you couldn’t do anything with an engine!

Our work to repair your crankshaft:

  • grinding crankshaft

  • balancing crankshaft

  • hardening crankshaft

  • polishing crankshaft

  • renew the bearing cones

  • electromagnetic crack test

  • repairing crankshaft pins

  • unturning of flywheels